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 Civilian Employment:

Now Accepting Application for a Full-Time Business Analyst!

The  Business Analyst is responsible for the planning, designing and launching systems  and metrics that support the function of the Greater Sudbury Police Service. This includes the gathering and analyzing of data in support of business   cases, proposed projects, and systems requirements. The Business Analyst is   responsible for generating and compiling reports complete with probable causes and potential solutions to the business processes.


Please submit a cover letter and resume relating your knowledge, skills and experience to the qualifications listed in the posting. Completion of a Civilian Application is also required.

For Job Posting - Click Here

For Civilian Application - Click Here


CLOSING DATE: Friday March 31st, 2017 at 08:00am

Submit Applications by email to or by mail to:

Greater Sudbury Police Service

Attention: Human Resources

190 Brady Street, Sudbury, Ontario P3E 1C7


Civilian members play an important role in the Greater Sudbury Police Service. Civilians hold positions in several branches such as Administration, Crime Analysis, Communications, Records, Human Resources, Courts, Finance, Planning, and Information Services. Civilians are employed as permanent or temporary staff in both full- and part-time employment. Some positions involve two or three rotating shifts; therefore, in such cases, applicants must be prepared to follow a rotating shift schedule. Civilian careers are attractive to those interested in working within a policing environment, but not necessarily interested in becoming a police officer. The Greater Sudbury Police Service offers a professional environment where career development and advancement opportunities are available. An internal job posting system provides civilian members with an opportunity to apply for a promotion or a career change.

Communicator/911 Dispatcher

Relays information to police and fire field units in response to calls for service. Acts as a call taker/screener and switchboard operator as required and answers all 911 calls for the City of Greater Sudbury, relaying the calls to the appropriate emergency agency.


  • Successful completion of Secondary School Education (Grade 12) or equivalent
  • Demonstrated oral and written communication skills
  • Keyboarding to a minimum of 50 wpm

Successful completion of CRITICALL testIMG_9930.jpg

  • Successfully completion of general aptitude testing
  • Demonstrated competency in using Microsoft Word/Excel/Windows
  • Bilingualism (English/French) an asset


Provides records transcription services utilizing the Records Management System (RMS) and other clerical duties as assigned to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the Records Branch.




  • Successful completion of Secondary School Education (Grade 12) or equivalent
  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Demonstrated analytical thinking, observation and problem solving skills
  • Keyboarding to a minimum of 50 wpm
  • Demonstrated competency in using Microsoft Word/Excel/Windows

Court Security

Provides security for courtrooms and in the trasnportation of prisoner between detention facilities and court rooms. Provide for the delivery of subponeas and summonses throughout the City and assists sworn officers in the execution of Bench Warrants.


  • Successful completion of Secondary School Education (Grade 12) or equivalent
  • Possess valid First Aid and C.P.R. Certificates
  • Must possess a valid Ontario Driver's Licence
  • Must meet the standard physical requirements for a police recruit as defined by the Ontario Police College
  • Must be medically and psychologically fit to perform the duties
  • Must meet required vision and hearing standards

 Check Out Our Special Constables Video:

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Only those applications/resumes under consideration will be contacted.


Resumes and completed application forms may be sent electronically or by mail to the attention of the Human Resources Branch at the following address:

Human Resources Branch
Greater Sudbury Police Service

190 Brady Street
Sudbury, Ontario
P3E 1C7

How To Apply

To access the Civilian Recruiting Application Form, click here.

 For more information, send us an email!

 Appropriate accomodations will be provided upon request througout the hiring process in accordance with the Greater Sudbury Police Services Employment Accomodation Policy and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).

Check out our Property Clerk Video:

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